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Break Through Your Insecurities with John Golden

Today’s guest, John Golden, is a bestselling author and sales strategist. He is also globally acknowledged as a Sales and Marketing thought leader and speaker. In this episode, John shares his top-selling strategies, how to identify your target audience, and the importance of retrospective intelligence. He provides tangible and relevant tips that will benefit any…

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Create, Grow and Sell with Sarah Stokes

Being a parent and working a full-time job can be difficult to balance. It’s common to feel as if you’re missing out on vital parts of your children’s lives. That’s how Sarah Stokes felt, which led her to take matters into her own hands. After taking a leap of faith and launching her own magazine,…

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You Are 3 Feet From Gold – JUST DON’T QUIT!

In his most famous book, Think And Grow Rich, Napoleon Hill talked about what he called being “3 feet from gold.” He used a story to illustrate many different ideas that relate to success and its lessons still prove useful in our modern age. His analogy comes from a story of a young man during…

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