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Discover What is Holding You Back with Amanda Johnson

Finding what’s holding you back is possibly the single most important thing to discover and overcome. As a Personal Brand Strategist, Amanda Johnson helps individuals who aspire to exceed their goals as speakers, authors, and coaches pinpoint the message they want to share with the world. After spending years perfecting her own message through her…

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“I Need to Think About It” Does Not Mean “No”

A couple years ago, I was sitting with a client who was reflecting with me on how much he’d grown as a salesperson in his business that year. This client works as a solo salesperson and has experienced a significant level of success. He was explaining an example of his personal growth when he shared…

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Citizenship is not a Spectator Sport with Steve Miska

STEVEN M. MISKA Steve Miska is the Executive Director of First Amendment Voice and the Principal Investigator for Strategically Protecting Soft NetworksTM, a project supported by the Pacific Council on International Policy in L.A. and numerous other partners to protect vulnerable allies who work with Americans in conflict zones. As Executive Director of First Amendment Voice (FAV), he leads a nonpartisan…

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