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Learning to Cater to Your Customer’s Needs with Laine Torres

No matter what your business is, learning to cater to your audiences’ needs is the most important task. In todays’ episode, Laine Torres, a photographer for personal branding, talks how to become a good listener, how to sell and market yourself, and how to project your goals. Laine has a strong marketing background and uses…

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What Would Happen If You Believed?

Consider this: What would happen to you if you actually believed that you could do all the things you WANT to do? Think about it! What would your life look like? How would you spend your time? What would your family be doing? Where would you live? How much time would you spend working? Would…

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Foundation Livestock Service with Dan Bakker

Dan Bakker is co-owner of Foundation Livestock Service, a veterinary and production specialist team.He, and his business partner Dr. Barber, help dairy and beef clients solve inconsistencies in health and performance which leads to higher profitability.Through hands on experience with herd health and consistency challenges on the dairy, Dan has developed a passion for correcting…

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