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The First Step In Maximizing Your Strategy

When business owners hear the phrase “Double your sales,” most of them get excited about that possibility – as well they should! Doubling your sales, no matter the size of your business will have a significant impact on your life! So, naturally, everyone wants to do it! So, let’s dive deeper with the first question:…

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Find Your Purpose and Boost Productivity with Michelle French

Our purpose often comes unexpectedly but we have to be ready to grasp onto those opportunities. Michelle French was climbing the corporate ladder on the American Airlines sales team until a drastic turn of events led her to start her own nonprofit event organization. Michelle has acquired valuable insight through her business and has a…

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6 Ways To Schedule Your Best Year NOW!

There’s a wise old saying that goes like this: If you’re early, you’re on time. If you’re on time you’re late. If you’re late, you’re left. Now, for those who are perpetual procrastinators, this might feel a bit uncomfortable! But the reality is that successful people all have a number of similar habits that contribute…

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No Big Deal

Torey Ivanic, founder of Open Space, has over ten years’ experience as a family practice physician assistant and homeopath. She became an entrepreneur in 2013 and has since facilitated powerful mastermind groups and written her first (Amazon best seller) book, No Big Deal. Torey has integrated her work experience and life experience to be able…

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Embrace Your Passion to Grow Your Business With Pamela Egan

Pamela Egan is an artist with a passion for floral design. Pamela has been successful in cultivating her passions and talent in order to create a successful and growing business. Not only does her background and instinctual creative abilities shine through her floral arrangements but she continues to surpass clients’ expectations by creating an upscale,…

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How Passion For Your Work Can Increase Your Sales

Let me ask you: Are you passionate about your work? About what you have to sell? I’m sure you are knowledgeable! But are you also passionate about it? I find that most of the time, entrepreneurs start with tons of passion for their business! But as time goes on, they get distracted by the details…

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