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Turning Trauma Into Success

We all have our “stuff,” right? That is to say, nobody – NOBODY – has it all together! We have all experienced our own share of trials, traumas, and challenges. As the saying goes, “That’s life,” right? Of course, it is -it’s just reality! We all have experiences that cause us to have mental baggage…

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Build a Business You Can Never Outgrow with Nancy Meyer

Today, we have the incredible, amazing Nancy Meyer, owner of WeMentor, Inc. WeMentor is now a sponsor of the show which is exciting for everything Nancy and her WeMentor community brings to Double your Sales. Do you need new skills and strategies to grow your business? Or modernize your business? Is your business running you?…

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Maximizing the Power of You with Carmen Croonquist

It is estimated that 80% of Americans hate their jobs, which in turn impacts other areas of their lives. Many individuals stay stuck because they lack clarity about who they are, what they can do, how to make successful transitions, and how to maximize their true potential. Carmen Croonquist is a coach, motivational speaker, and…

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Putting The Law Of Reverse Effort To Work For You NOW

You’ve probably heard the saying: “Work hard and you’ll be successful.” We all sort of live by this mantra right? If we just keep working hard enough, we’ll make it. And yet, I’m sure you know a number of people who work REALLY hard – and they sadly have very little to show for it.…

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The One Belief You Need To Change To Get Started NOW

I once heard a successful businessman call it sharpening pencils: Getting ready to get ready to get ready to succeed. In other words, an otherwise capable business person who is stuck in “preparation mode” – usually because they think everything needs to be perfectly set before they can pursue success. In reality, rather than spending…

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