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[Spotlight] Meet Monica Bordonaro

My Coaching Client Crushing It! Meet Monica Bordonaro Monica Bordonaro is a former paralegal, turned empowering health & fitness consultant, and yoga instructor. She partnered with Isagenix International in 2015, when after 5 days of Isagenix nutrition in her body, she “woke up out of a mental fog,” she didn’t even know she was in!…

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5 Steps To Have A Breakthrough NOW

It never ceases to amaze me how simple it is to be successful. I’ve met hundreds of successful people over the years. And though their journeys are unique to them, their stories are all profoundly similar. They all include doubts, risks, limiting beliefs, overcoming, humility, and continued growth. They also all include a period in…

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How Masterminding Can Help You Double Your Sales THIS YEAR

According to the Law of Attraction, you are a lot like your five closest friends. Think about it. Examine the five closest relationships in your life. I’m willing to bet you all enjoy the same things, make about the same amount of money, and live in similar homes. Interesting, huh?   Why is that important?…

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