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Straight Talk for Smart Business Women with Cheryl Leitschuh

Like any entrepreneur, it’s likely you’re searching for the quickest, easiest, and most effective ways to grow your business. In order to create a successful enterprise, you should look at the people who have done just that. Cheryl Leitshuh, also known as the Yoda for small businesses, is a coach to help women and other…

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How Working Your Numbers Can Help You DOUBLE Your Sales THIS MONTH

I’ve noticed something in all the years I’ve worked with businesses and sales professionals. In a new business, business owners can unintentionally assume that 100% of their success depends on them being perfect. As in, they think they need to look right, say everything right, and shine their impeccable personality. And only then, their business…

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Proven Hacks to Kick-Start Your Sales with Brian Hughes

Business is the backbone of our society. It is a vital part of what makes our society function, and the entrepreneurs who have mastered the art of business are very successful. Brian Hughes is a prime example of a successful entrepreneur and business coach. He began his first business selling architectural services in 1989, only…

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What Are You Tolerating In Your Business?

Can I be REALLY honest with you? Very few people will admit it, but it’s true. Ready? Nobody wants to work hard. At least, nobody wants to work SO hard that they can’t truly enjoy their life! It can feel taboo to say it in today’s society where hard work is glorified above personal health…

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Simplify Your Sales In One Step

When you think about selling to your prospects and clients, does it seem daunting -like you’re just not “cut out” for sales? Consider for a moment: What does this mentality do to your business? Think beyond just the interpersonal exchange at your sales presentations. When you are convinced, and you think you’re “not cut out…

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