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Are you ever inspired by the person who says “It simply cannot be done?” Or are you stirred and motivated by the person who accomplishes what is “impossible?” I think the answer is obvious! We love to hear all about overcoming, conquering, and breaking the boundaries. We love to see what is possible, not dwell…

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Sales Isn’t REALLY About Selling

Sales isn’t really about selling. Not exactly. It’s not overcoming objections, making calls, scheduling appointments, exchanging currency for products or services, or signing contracts. Now, certainly, those are things that you do in sales. But sales isn’t just a specific genre of to-do list. Sales is, in reality, far more simple than that. Successful sales…

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The One Thing EVERY Salesperson Should Do

Sales is NOT complicated. It’s not difficult. And it’s not scary. Sales only becomes complicated, difficult, and scary when WE start to overthink it. We get in the way of our own success! We trip ourselves up through our limiting beliefs – many of which are about ourselves. The problem – and solution – lies…

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Strategies for Doubling Your Sales with Kyle Payne

Today I’m excited to introduce you to Kyle Payne, who has been part of the Sales Coach Now community and whose success we’ve has been watching over the past year. Kyle was recently on a panel at the Quantum Sales Summit, where he shared a number of really great strategies that he used to grow…

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5 Ways TO Reset Your Year NOW

In sales, we measure a lot of our progress and success in specific time increments. For instance, we examine the growth and sustainability of a business by examining sales during each quarter, half year, and annual reports of our sales.  Now, knowing your numbers is powerful. And giving goals a specific timeframe is an unbeatable strategic tool for planning and projecting growth. However… If there is a downside to this method,…

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Do What YOU Are Good At

In your sales or business, what are you truly good at? Most people know their strengths – what are yours? Are you best at being the face of your organization? Do you thrive behind the scenes in operations, making systems run? Are you awesome at bookkeeping? Is networking your thing? Now, on the flip side,…

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