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Your Story Matters with Ursula Mentjes

When you hear someone share their story of success, what do you find to be the most encouraging or inspiring? Have you ever been motivated by someone who gave the impression that everything was easy and the trip to the top was a jaunt? Or… Are you encouraged by learning of someone’s struggles, the challenges,…

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Reset Your Vibes to Increase Your Sales with Michael Losier

When we talk about doubling sales, so much of our focus revolves around the next new strategy or following a new lead. What if I told you that you could see a tangible shift in your sales success simply by practicing positive thinking? Today, I am chatting with the incredible Michael Losier, who literally wrote…

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How You Feel MATTERS Most

Have you ever known someone that consistently had seemingly good luck? Like everything they touched seemed to turn to gold? Or conversely, have you ever known someone that consistently made seemingly good decisions that turned out disastrous every time? Well, it turns out that there is a reason for that – and it can affect your sales in a huge way. We’ve…

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Can Introverts Succeed Sales with Jim Hohl

I can’t wait to dive into today’s episode. I am sitting down with one of the Quantum Sales Summit sponsors, Jim Hohl. Jim has been in Marketing for nearly 25 years. He is the founder and CEO of Visify, a Digital Marketing agency he built with his business partner. They specialize in marketing for coaches,…

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Can Introverts Succeed in Sales?

When you picture a successful salesperson, do you automatically picture an outgoing personality? That salespeople need to be charismatic, outgoing, and… extroverted? Surely an introvert would struggle in sales – right? I have some good news for the introverts: They make some of the best salespeople! The reality is that introvert qualities have a lot…

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Making Money Is EASY

Do you think that making money is hard? Or rather, do you have the limiting belief that making money NEEDS to be hard? That it’s a struggle to make ends meet and that you barely have enough? Does your image of money making include working long, exhausting hours and still never having enough? Where did…

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