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Do This One Thing Every Day

I’ve never come across a successful salesperson that claimed to have been completely fearless in their endeavors. Not one. Fear of the unknown is part of the process of expanding your sales – as well as your personal growth. If it’s worth doing, there is always an obstacle to overcome. When we think of bravery…

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EVERYONE Can Succeed

Can we all agree that millennials have an undeserved bad reputation? They are often times unfairly portrayed in the media as lazy, entitled, and generally contributing to the downfall of society. That’s a heavy burden to saddle them with! It seems that we have unfortunately set our expectations of young people today mighty low! This…

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People Really Do Need What You Have!

If you seem to be struggling in your sales, what is it holding you back? Have you identified it yet? I have found that most of the time, the only thing that is holding people back from doubling and tripling their sales is one or two limiting beliefs. That’s really it! And that’s good news…

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Schedule Your Year NOW

How do you schedule your life? Do you plan a week ahead? A month? Per sales quarter? Do you plan your life around work, or your work around your life? Have you ever planned your ENTIRE year in advance? Few people schedule their lives further than a couple of weeks in advance. But if you’re going to be intentional about the way you…

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Sales Is All About This

We live in the most “connected” time in the history of humanity. Think about it. We have the ability – at any moment – to access the voices of hundreds of people around the world at a moment’s notice. We have a sphere of influence that extends farther than previous generations ever fathomed. You would…

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