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To Succeed In Sales, All You Need To Do Is This

Did you know that 20% of businesses don’t make it in their first year? Only 50% of businesses survive to see their fifth year of operations, and less than a third will make it for ten years or more! Not very inspiring, I know. But hang with me here. It seems prudent to examine what…

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Who Do You Want To Work With?

Years ago when I was expanding Sales Coach Now, I had set my sights on working with several different companies. I saw potential in them, I thought they were in my target market, and I moved forward. I made the calls, set the appointments, and Sales Coach Now was growing! I pursued one company in…

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Own What You Charge

Most people quickly understand the skills of sales. They can easily overcoming objections. They catch on to the idea of having an authentic sales conversation. They understand selling with intention, and they can implement these ideas quickly. But when it comes to talking about money, people freeze. In the brief moment where they are faced…

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How Gratitude Can Increase Your Sales

It’s November, which means Thanksgiving is upon us! More than the month of pilgrim costumes and pumpkin pies, it’s the month that we give special attention to the virtue of gratitude. For all the influence that gratitude can have in our lives, it’s rather a shame that we only choose to recognize it once a…

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A Reason, A Season, A Lifetime

Would you say that you are the same person that you were, say, twenty years ago? Of course you are the same individual person – but have you changed? Have you changed as a person? Do you have a new career? Has your family situation changed? Have you grown spiritually? Have you moved locations? Have…

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