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How Reading Can Change Everything About Your Success

What was the last thing you read? I don’t mean an online article, social media post, or a magazine in a waiting room – when was the last time you picked up a good old fashioned book? What was it? And… was it something you intentionally chose in order for it to expand your thinking and move you forward…

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Your Relationship With Money

“Money is the root of all evil” is quoted over and over again in an effort to encourage what some may call a “poverty mindset.” Somehow, the fact that money is evil means that the less of it that you have, the better off you’ll be… because money is somehow evil, negative, or wrong. And…

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Managing Your Money Mindset with Nicole Lewis-Keeber

Nicole is a Money Mindset Master with a background in therapy and life coaching. Using a conversational, engaging, humor-infused approach to complex challenges, Nicole’s talks and coaching programs guide business owners, coaches, and healers to reveal and release their underlying blocks and barriers to financial abundance, so that they can master their mindset, heal their…

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Lawyers Need Sales Skills Too with Julie Finch

If you are an Attorney, you don’t really need to double your sales, do you? What if “Sales” feels like one of those four letter words and entrepreneur is a job for young people or risk-takers? You might be a little bit like this week’s guest, Julie Finch. Julie is an Attorney who has been…

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Sales Skills Help In Every Industry – Even Yours

Many people think sales is for “a certain type of individual.” Only young, charismatic, risk-taking, entrepreneur types that like living on the edge are “cut out to be in sales.” In fact, you may have even chosen your career deliberately so that you’ll never need to be in sales. But you see, you’re selling all…

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Opening More Doors and Closing More Sales with Jody Weinberg

What are you good at? The answer may seem obvious to you. Everyone will answer this question differently. I’m great at networking I’m best at cold calling I’m fantastic with my bookkeeping I’m a pro at systems management I’m a numbers person I’m the face of my organization I’m exceptional at working with people I’m…

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