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Small Changes Produce Big Results

Time and time again, I’m astounded at the simplicity and power of making small changes that produce big results. I love when I see what I teach being lived out and demonstrated by successful sales professionals. The key to doubling and tripling your sales lies entirely in your mindset. Sales is easy – when you have the right mindset and when you work with intention.…

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What To Never Say On A Voicemail

When you’re making phone calls and setting your sales appointments, there will be times that you’ll need to leave a message. Obviously, it’s preferable to do your best to actually talk with someone, but there are times that your only choice is to leave a voicemail. Often times, your voicemail makes first impression – and…

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3 Ways To Be Intentional In Sales

Nobody wants to work hard for nothing – especially anyone working in sales. And yet, the way that most sales techniques are rigidly structured, they can leave salespeople feeling like they are just spinning their wheels. They keep trying the same pre-packaged methods, again and again, having been told that these approaches will work if…

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