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Do You REALLY Believe You Can?

I share a lot of information with people. I tell hundreds of people each year how easy it is to double and triple their sales – how to make their dreams come true. I see a lot of success stories – impressive quantum leaps that inspire others to move forward. Each story is totally unique…

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Are You Three Feet From Gold?

Napoleon Hill, in Think and Grow Rich, talked about being “3 feet from gold.” This analogy comes from a story of a young man during the gold rush. After mining away at a Colorado gold mine for many months, he finally quit. He sold all of his machinery and equipment to a “junk man” who…

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Success Comes Down To This

There is an old saying that has been used by various authors, poets, religious leaders over the years. The concept has been stated a number of ways, but the message is always the same. One popular version is worded like this: “Watch your thoughts, they become words; watch your words, they become actions; watch your…

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