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You Can’t Serve Everybody – Nor Should You

When you’re in sales and business, it’s sometimes tempting to think “I just need to make as many sales as possible to as many prospects as possible – just so I can make ends meet.” Even though this mindset leads to quick burnout with sales professionals, it’s a prevailing idea and it causes a lot…

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The Proof Is In The Success

I talk a lot about helping people double and triple their sales. Anyone truly can do it, and it’s not difficult. I am aware that skeptics abound, yet when they stick around long enough, they inevitably see enough success to realize that it’s true. You actually can double and triple your sales. Anyone can! At…

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5 Ways To Intentionally Schedule Your Best Life

Do you ever feel like “time is just getting away from you?” It’s pretty common rhetoric in our fast paced world today. It seems that there are always people, situations, and other unplanned events that incessantly demand our attention, so it’s easy to justify losing time. Yet at the same time, how many people reflect…

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The Quantum Sales Summit Was Just That: Quantum

There is no way around it, so I’m just going to say it. If you missed the Quantum Sales Summit, you really missed out. Please please please – do NOT miss it next year! It is indescribably powerful to share a space with like minded, successful, forward thinking individuals. Their success, attitudes, and spirit are…

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