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It’s Sometimes Harder To Receive Than To Give

Have you ever been given a compliment, and your initial reaction is to shove it off and say “Oh no I’m just….” fill in the blank. How do you feel when you compliment someone and they just simply refuse to receive it? Furthermore, how many people have spent their whole lives intentionally refuting genuine compliments,…

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Facilitating An Attitude of Gratitude

It’s Thanksgiving week and all over social media, people are sharing things they are thankful for. The “30 days of gratitude” informally takes place every year and it’s refreshing to see what people have to say as they reflect upon their lives. “I’m grateful for my children, spouse, and family.” “I’m grateful for my job…

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You’re Not Done Yet – It’s Time To Hone in

The holidays are here! Love them or hate them, this time of year brings with it many wonderful things. It’s a great time to reconnect with loved ones, make memories, and spend some time relaxing, reflecting, and planning. It’s also a season of abundant distractions. “It was the holidays” seems to be a convenient reason…

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You Cannot Do It Alone

Have you ever met someone that was chronically busy? Actually, that probably sounds like almost everyone you know. The person in the mirror perhaps? In addition, do you know anyone that just loves being so busy that they can scarcely breathe? No? Of course not. So why do we do this to ourselves? Our society…

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