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Why Traditional Selling Still Works

The internet is a great sales tool. Believe me, it is an essential key in my own business and you wouldn’t be reading this article without the power of an ezine company. However, in the age of technology, it seems like many people have forgotten about the power of traditional selling. The power of the telephone. The power of a face to face meeting.

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Do You Love Your Clients?

When I first started my journey in my own business over five years ago, I sincerely believed that everyone was my Target Client. I had no idea that there was a world where we could love ALL of the clients we work with. In fact, when someone asked me who I helped in business, I…

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5 Things Successful Sales Pros Do!

As a Sales Expert, I am inevitably asked by business owners, sales managers and sales professionals the following question: “What makes a salesperson successful?” I always have to take a deep breath and a pause before I answer because there isn’t just one answer. And there certainly isn’t a simple answer. But over the years…

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3 Ways to Break Through Your Financial Set Point!

Most Entrepreneurs and Sales Professionals choose their career or business path because they want to have unlimited financial freedom in their lives. And yet, as they “get into it”, they bump up against what I like to refer to as their, “Financial Set Point” – or that revenue number that they just can’t seem to get through.

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