Where Mindset
Meets Intention

Where Mindset
Meets Intention

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“For anyone who wants to increase their effectiveness with sales, Ursula stands right up there with the best of the best. Her calm and confident demeanor is complimented by an eye for detail and bottom line results. Her focus on “One Great Goal” is the foundation for an outstanding program that will increase your sales activity.. it has done so for me. Therefore, if you are serious about taking your business to the next level and increasing YOUR sales, HIRE URSULA! I will stake my reputation on her coming through for you! ”

Phil Black
Creating successful and effective Strategic Alliances with like-minded companies to increase their bottom line profits

“I cannot say enough about the value Ursula brings to her clients with her expertise and professionalism. She has made a huge difference in sales performance with my business. I would highly recommend her to any sales person or sales team looking to take their business to the next level.”

Christopher Hall
Lead Data Warehouse Architect at American Specialty Health

“Ursula spoke to my Women’s Networking Group, Polka Dot Powerhouse. She is so passionate about helping others become successful. It comes across in her speaking and her presence while engaging with others. Ursula knows her stuff and is willing to share her experiences. Many of the women in attendance signed up for Ursula’s Sales Camp without hesitation. I think that speaks volumes! I am hoping to have Ursula back to speak with our group again in the future.”

Heather Nardi
Polka Dot Powerhouse

“Ursula is the real-deal! She combines her talent for sales and coaching with an undeniable powerful energy that ignites the whole room. She practices what she preaches and teaches people the power of using intention to increase their sales success! In Sales Camp you get to know other like minded people you can network with and share your successes with. Ursula creates a supportive, electric, collaborative environment where people can feel safe to Go For It!”

Leisa Reid

About The Sales Coach

Ursula Mentjes is the founder of Sales Coach Now, as well as a Sales Expert, Inspirational Speaker, Author and Certified Sales Coach who specializes in NLP to help her clients double and triple their sales.

Growing up on a farm in Minnesota, Ursula learned the value of hard work and entrepreneurship at a very early age. Although she loved every minute of growing up on a farm, she felt the calling to go west and heeded that call in 1996. After graduating from St. Olaf College with a degree in psychology and communication, Ursula and one of her dearest friends packed up a moving van and moved to Boulder, Colorado, landing at a retail store making $6.25 per hour. At that time, Ursula dreamed of going to Law School, and believed that having a steady job as a lawyer was the answer to all of her dreams for a successful future.

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