Selling with Intention Intensive


“Would You Like to Increase Your Sales in 2011?”

Before you keep reading, answer this question honestly –

“How much?”

You are among an elite few simply because you have made it to this page and are still reading. I have no doubt that you are focused and determined to reach your sales goals, but maybe you are feeling down after finishing 2009 without reaching your sales stretch goal, or worse yet –maybe not even your minimum.

I’ve heard many people say that next year is going to be better. Much better! It won’t be better for most people, though, because they won’t get the training and support that they need.

“Before the 3-Day Selling with Intention Intensive Sessions had ever ended, Ursula has us making calls to our top prospects. All I can say is WOW! I made five exciting appointments within 30 minutes that could generate over $10,000.00!”
Diana V. Powers, MVP Foods, Inc.

I want this year to be different for YOU!

The next 1 Day Selling with Intention is on October 26, 2011.
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Register Here : You get all of this for the low, low price of just $497.00 The 1 and 3 day Selling with Intention Intensive IS different! It is an experiential course that covers the 10 Principles of Selling with Intention in depth. By the afternoon of the third day, you will be making REAL calls to top prospects and scheduling REAL appointments (the record is 15 net new appointments in just 30 minutes!).

What would happen in your business if you had the confidence to schedule 15 high quality net new appointments in 30 minutes? Imagine having the sales mindset and skills you need to continue to get the appointments you desire and then close the business with your top prospects!

“I set 10 appointments in just 30 minutes of calling!”
Bill Martinez, Urban Living Magazine

There is no such thing as a coincidence. You ended up on this page for a reason. I am personally inviting you on a journey that will change your business and your life. It is time that you lived the life you have been dreaming about!

The 1 or 3-Day Selling with Intention Intensive is the answer you’ve been searching for!  Whether it is 1 or 3 days, this intensive, this class is a ‘one stop shop’ to give you the mindset and sales skills you need to significantly increase your sales this year!

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Here’s what you will learn in the Intensive! (The 3-Day Class goes into more depth!)

~ How to SELL WITH INTENTION –you already do it but find out how you can GET THE RESULTS YOU DESIRE

~ A process that will give you MORE CLARITY than you ever dreamed of …Clarity is the KEY to ACHIEVEMENT


~ How to IDENTIFY your TARGET CLIENT and stop working with clients who waste your time

~ Why an IDEAL SCHEDULE significantly IMPACTS your SALES SUCCESS and how to create one that WORKS FOR YOU!

~ Why others MUST know your business and how you can attract HIGH QUALITY REFERRALS

~ The MAIN SECRET to selling more than you ever thought possible

~ How to CONNNECT with INTENTION and quickly build rapport with NEW PROSPECTS



Please feel free to leave a comment below if you would like more information!

“My first day back in the field after taking the Selling with Intention 3-Day Intensive I had a breakout day! I closed four out of four leads with sales of over $4,500! I was selling with intention! It was me at level 10!” Eddie Dean Newton, Kilter Termite

“The Selling With Intention Intensive provides you with the confidence, the pitch and the follow-up techniques to get the sale closed. Any person looking to grow their customer base should spend 3 days with Ursula… you won’t regret it!” Christine Dela Cruz, Acorn Technologies

“My first one-on-one coaching session with Ursula was two weeks ago, and I took her March 3-Day Intensive this week. I had 7 units sold for the month at that point. She encouraged me to write a new unit goal down and post it everywhere I could see it. Although I thought 15 was a stretch, that is the exact number I ended up selling for March!” Justin Bumpus, Paychex, Inc.

“Selling with Intention was one of the most beneficial training programs I have ever attended! Developing the script to use for making potential calls to set up appointments was the most useful part. I also learned to keep selling simple!” Amy Boyd, 5500 Tax Group

So again, let me ask you this question, “How much?” How much would you like to increase your sales this year? What would happen in your business if you did that? In your life?

How much would that be worth to you?

Oftentimes we make a decision simply based on where we are right now in our business and in our lives and not where we want to be. When you make a decision from where you are right now—regarding whether or not to invest in a class or something else—we often make the decision from a place of fear.

Instead, I want to encourage you to make the decision from where you WILL be after taking the class and increasing your sales. If you just got one more sale, would this class pay for itself? Or two more sales?

“We set the context day one and I achieved it as a result—Clarity! I loved the visualizations! This was a very worthwhile course. The value Ireceived exceeded the cost 10 fold. Give yourself a gift you deserve—and attend this intensive!” Dave Brodie, Attorney

Many of my clients who have taken the 3-Day Selling with Intention Intensive said it was so much more than they had ever imagined. It just didn’t improve their sales—it also improvedtheir entire lives. While it is difficult to put a price on it, I feel like we charge a nominal fee compared to the return on your investment.

And, if you are not 100% satisfied, we will refund you in full less your registration fee of $100.00.

But we’ve never had that happen.

I invite you to say yes to yourself…say yes to your sales success…say yes to your best year yet!

“The SWI 3-Day Intensive was a significant factor in assisting me in realizing my sales potential. SWI clarified the steps needed to find clients and close deals, and I certainly left with the confidence to take my sales to the next level and beyond!” Nick Sunseri, Sales Professional

By the way, there are only 20 seats available in this class and half of them are already filled due to overflow from the last group that didn’t get a seat in our last class. If your intuition is telling you to take this class, then don’t hesitate, get registered today!

Thank you for listening! I truly wish you your best year yet!


P.S. Still not convinced? Read what other students have to say about this life changing class…

“Because of this program, I have reached my goals AND MORE! Ursula is fantastic!” Kevin Leewitt, Kilter Termite and Pest Control

“Before the 3-Day Selling with Intention Intensive, I was really stuck and not making the sales that I wanted to. During this class, I had breakthroughs which will push my business forward! This training is so valuable because it gave the confidence to know that I CAN do it!”
Kathy Clark, Mitchell Clark Solutions

“Before attending the 3-Day Selling with Intention Intensive, I had the fear of failing and not believing in myself. After attending, I now believe I am enough and I am very excited to launch my Virtual Assistant Business in 2010!” Marlene Nixon, Marlene’s Virtual Resource

“A fantastic workshop! I really appreciated how Ursula made a point with each participant assisting and coaching them into coming up with clear and persuasive sales messages and scripts!” Berniece Hunt, Wisdom 120 Club

“The 3-Day Selling with Intention Intensive is a new way of teaching entrepreneurs and sales professionals how to take their sales to the next level. Until this class, I had never heard of some of these techniques! This class has taught me to think outside the box and will help our company grow in 2010!” Liza La Rue, Diabetic Delites

“I have gained so much confidence in promoting my business and setting appointments because of the 3-Day Selling with Intention Intensive!!”
Wanda Allen, Stay Connected

“By taking the Selling with Intention Intensive seminar, I gained more confidence and it also motivated me to move forward in my business!”
Lauren Sanders, Sisters with Soul

Three Day Class (Register Here – Coming Soon): You get all of this for the low, low price of just $997.00  Or, make two payments of just $498.50*

One Day Class Register Here: You get all of this for the low, low price of just $497.00

“This workshop exceeded my expectations!  I will take the skills which I have learned here today and utilize them within my business.  Because of this new belief, “I AM A SUCCESS!”, I know that because I believe it, I will achieve it!” Fatima Vaughn

“I thought that I needed to learn how to sell, sell, sell in order to be successful.  Your 3-Day Selling with Intention Intensive helped me to see that without passion and focus, the selling won’t happen as quickly as I desire.”  Elisabeth McSwain, McSwain Events

I felt that Ursula was amazing. The fact that she was willing to up and up and share her life and help us to open up and follow through was amazing!”  Amanda Witherspoon

“I came to class not knowing what to expect. I am leaving with MORE—MORE self-esteem and confidence to be productive and growth.  I know now that I can be of service and on purpose AND that prosperity is okay!  Ursula’s an excellent, excellent teacher!” Anonymous

“Ursula is the most genuine, caring and focused coach!  The 3-Day Selling with Intention Intensive  is a powerhouse course! THANK YOU!”  Twinetter Sowel, Inspired Portrait

“The past three days have been an exciting journey. I have learned to set my intention purposefully.  The doors that have opened as a results of my time with you are limitless!  I can’t thank you enough!” Shameca Tankerson, Wealth Builders

“Ursula Mentjes is a genius!  The Selling with Intention Intensive class exceeded my expectations!  All the training I received was relevant and applicable to my business!  The best 3 days of training I have every received.  I was afraid of selling before walking into the class and by the end I was calling my target prospects for appointments!” Jenee Dana, My Focus Book, LLC

“The gift that keeps giving! Attending Ursula’s 3-Day Selling with Intention Intensive class was the best investment I have made in my business! Taking the time to attend the class again was incredible. It was great to be reminded just how easy (increasing my sales) can be!” Thom Zambrana, Zinc Manufacturing

“The 3-Day Intensive is a great environment of trust, encouragement and learning allowing us to grow through experiential exercises providing the opportunity to utilize our potential!” Dori Dixon, D3 Grafx

“This class was a great experience and it is easy to see how the content will apply in my business. Besides the material, it is great to meet and connect with like minded people enrolled in the class. It is a wonderful opportunity to step back and work ON your business, instead of in it!” Chris Hall, Hall Data Solutions

“Selling With Intention” helped me identify and get past my fears of selling. The big surprise for me was that “Selling With Intention” was more than just learning principles of selling. “Selling With Intention” provided me with a new process of setting and achieving objectives. I am looking forward to the follow up coaching sessions so that this experience does not become just a temporary change in attitude” Keen Haynes, Entrepreneur

“The role playing was very helpful. As scary as the phone calls APPEARED to be, the experience was awesome! The curriculum was outstanding! You are fabulous!” Peggy Ricks, First Impression

“It was a fantastic program that has truly motivated me and changed my business by using the tools and techniques taught. I truly know I can go out and double my business.” Ashley Sharkey, A Novel Solution

“The most useful part of the 3-Day Intensive was the refocus to “why” we do what we do—that our intention should be thought about and focused upon. Overall it was excellent! Thank you for putting me on a path to achievement and intention!” Michelle Skiljan, Director of the Inland Empire Women’s Business Center

“This experience was truly enlightening. It empowered me with tools that will allow me to be much more effective in my day to day life on both a personal and professional level. The most useful part of the 3-Day was creating your ideal schedule and the visualization where we released our fear. I also learned that it is okay to let go of old beliefs and replace them with new ones!” Nicole Kinney, Inland Empire Women’s Business Center

“The most useful part of the 3-Day Intensive was learning how to close the sale and be more intentional about my goals. The course was very complete and organized! I loved it! It was extremely useful at this time in my business and in my life!” Marcy Decato, Creative Solutions

“The most useful part of the 3-Day was that it helped me step out of my comfort zone in my business!” Jim O’Connell, Sales Professional

“The practical information shared was perfect! It was just what I was looking for to gain clarity and direction in moving my business forward!
Victoria Brodie, Entrepreneur

“The interaction after each section of the workbook was extremely useful. Every bit of this program makes you able to perform at a higher level and feel more empowered!” Brian Millward, Entrepreneur

“The interaction with peers and the fact that it was a small group was the best part! Thank you for allowing me to apply and grow in new ways of thinking!” Nikki Bonnet, Sales Professional

“The program was excellent. I have learned how to present and sell my business and as an added bonus, gained insight into my personal thoughts and beliefs, which is the foundation to any professional growth!”
Angel Cardoz, Inland Empire Women’s Business Center

“This class was exceptional! I learned so much in the 3-days that I left each day with increased clarity and vision for my business. Working out a plan and learning how to be intentional with my goals opened up so many opportunities for my business. I have a renewed sense of purpose!”
Gwen Thibeaux, Divine Visions

“I really can’t thank you enough, this was truly life changing”
Lori Renberg-Brown, Ambergate Escrow

“Great class! I’ve had lots of sales training before. This was the most effective by far!! It pulled everything together and was the most authentic training I have ever had!” Judy Downing, Customer Approach

Please feel free to leave a comment below if you would like more information!

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