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Here’s a SNEAK PEEK at Chapter 1!

The Business and My First Book

There was a time when I wasn’t familiar with synchronicity, even though it was already at play in my life and in my business. I launched my first business— Potential Quest, Inc., a boutique business coaching firm— in 2004. Well, launch is probably not the correct word. I was getting my training in coaching at the NLP Institute of California while also finishing a master’s degree, so it was more like a “fledgling launch.” My husband Tim was an independent realtor at that time, so we were both completely on our own, depending on our results to pay the bills. We had both come through a challenging time of moving from the corporate world to that of entrepreneurship. Yet, we believed that we were being led down our true paths.

Starting your own business can be ripe with challenges. Starting your own business when “you” are the product can be even more challenging. When you are the product and your expectations are high, it can really take a toll on your self-esteem. This is especially true when people say no to your services because it is as if they are directly rejecting you. Let’s just say that I experienced a lot of that in the beginning. Yet, because I was clear on what I wanted to create, more clients and bigger client results started to show up.

At that time, I also decided to write my first book, Selling with Intention. I knew there was an easier way to sell, and I wanted to teach my clients how to do it. So, the logical thing to do was to write a book, right? Writing a book in the midst of a product launch and everything else I was up to seems a little crazy when I look back now. However, at the time I knew I needed to get the book out of my head–even with a slew of self-sabotaging thoughts running through my mind, particularly, “But you don’t know how to write a book!”

And then synchronicity kicked in. I didn’t realize it at the time, but as I mentioned earlier, getting clear and then making a decision to do something (getting “all in”) is what puts synchronicity in motion. So it’s not surprising that soon after making a clear decision to write a book, I found a flyer to take a class at the Learning Annex on, of course, how to write a book.

As I met (and coached) more and more entrepreneurs, I found that over and over again, they didn’t know how to sell. They were afraid of selling. It made them feel uncomfortable, and they didn’t want to appear greedy or “salesy.” With my certification in NLP, I gained the tools I needed to help my clients with belief changes and fear release exercises so they could more easily reach their sales goals. That’s when my message became REALLY clear: Selling is easy when you can release the fears and limiting beliefs that are holding you back.

I found myself proclaiming my message over and over again. “Selling is easy! Selling is easy!” And then, one day I realized that I couldn’t say it anymore. I needed to write my book so that if anything ever happened to me and I could no longer say it, someone could still find the message. By writing Selling with Intention, I knew I could reach a wider audience. My desire was to serve others so they could experience a great life through entrepreneurship and professional sales.
Once I put pen to paper, the book started to write itself. When Tim was handling open houses on the weekend, I was writing. I kept writing for an entire year. Then I hired an editor from Harvard who had a nice website and sounded professional over the phone. At least that’s where he said he went to school. He charged me $600.00. I figured it was complete.

I asked Tim to look the book over for me, and he found grammatical and spelling errors. He pointed out that he wasn’t a Harvard graduate, but he had found a lot of mistakes – mistakes that $600 should have found. I was beginning to think the editor from Harvard hadn’t really done much editing at all. Note to self: Just because people say they have attended Harvard doesn’t mean they really have, or even that they are any good at what they say do!

I started to feel depressed, as if my book was never going to get published. While I had fantasies of it becoming a bestseller, the manuscript was collecting dust on my bookshelf. I knew that it wasn’t complete. I needed someone else to help me. And then, in true synchronistic fashion, Alisa Griffis showed up. I met Alisa at one of the National Association of Women Business Owner meetings. Alisa is extremely intelligent and I was afraid to have her look at my book because I thought she was going to tell me that it was worthless. She understood and explained that sharing one’s writing is like sharing a new baby with the world for the first time. Every mommy wants to hear that her baby is cute, not ugly. I wanted to be reassured that my book was cute.

Alisa reviewed my book and sent me a list of things that needed to be changed. The baby wasn’t ugly, but it sure needed a bath, and a maybe a new outfit. Then she told me she was going to introduce me to someone else who was part of her team, a person she thought would serve me better. That’s when I met Amanda Johnson, who is still my editor to this day. Amanda and I were on the same wavelength. We shared the same world view. She was the perfect person to edit my book. She completed the edit on the first edition of Selling with Intention and did an incredible job, helping everything in the book make sense. Some people, I’ve heard, still have copies of the original red version of Selling with Intention (cover design by the very talented Marcy Decato of Creative Solutions Marketing). My cousin contacted me on Facebook one day to let me know that someone was trying to sell a copy for $115.00 on Amazon. It was at a time when the book was sold out. I appreciated the confirmation from the Universe that I was on the right path.

To date, I have made hundreds of thousands of dollars on my book from the book sales and the various spin-off products. Selling with Intention has taken me around the United States and allowed me to speak on stage at some of the most incredible conferences in the world. I have had the pleasure of meeting “gurus” like Brian Tracy, Loral Langemeier, Dr. Ivan Misner, and others. The book has been my “Golden Business Card” and continues to open up doors that I used to only dream of.

Synchronistic Moments
I have a picture in my home that reads, “We do not remember days. We remember moments.” Whenever I walk past it, I am reminded that we truly do remember significant moments like black and white still photographs in our minds. We don’t really remember entire days.

Synchronicity is a lot like that. We remember synchronistic moments, and we don’t always remember what led up to them, or how we got there.

A few years ago, I had the privilege of interviewing Dr. Ivan Misner, founder of Business Networking International (BNI) and The Referral Institute, for my monthly membership community. At the end of the interview, Dr. Misner asked me, “How did we get here?”

At first, I wasn’t sure what he was asking. My silence must have clued him in. He then repeated, “In other words, how did we meet? You know, the Butterfly Effect.”

I didn’t know. I explained to him that he had been referred to me by a colleague of ours.

“Okay,” he said, “How did you meet her?”

I then traced back every person that I had met along the way—all the way back to the Yoga Den in Corona, California, eight years earlier. I had gone to the Yoga Den because I wanted to get in shape for my wedding and reduce the stress of my transition from the corporate world to entrepreneurship. Little did I know where yoga would lead and who I would meet. I did know this: I had clarity on the fact that I wanted to be a bestselling author. I wanted to speak on a national and international platform so I could reach more people. And through synchronistic moments, the path had revealed itself.

Knowing what we want––having clarity––allows synchronistic moments to show up. I like to think of synchronistic moments as those brief encounters when we connect with someone who will forever change the path we are on. We don’t usually know it at the time, and they probably don’t know it either. However, they (or an incident) were put on our path to point us in a new direction. Meaningful moments and signposts happen along the road of life.

In my humble opinion, synchronistic moments happen when you are clear on what you really want, and you have closed the “back door” on “what you will do if this doesn’t work out.” Otherwise, you wouldn’t even acknowledge that the moment was meaningful. We find meaning in moments because they point to something that we want to happen. Clarity allows opportunities to just “show up” and chance meetings to turn into unbelievable opportunities.

If you feel like synchronicity hasn’t been working for you, then I would encourage you to go back to the drawing board and figure out what you really want. How many sales do you REALLY want? How many clients? How do you serve your clients? What is your purpose? Where do you want to travel? When you can answer these questions without hesitation, I promise you that you will have had a “synchronistic shift.”

Expanding vs. Shrinking
I was recently speaking with one of my clients, and she was talking about her desire to allow money to come into her business. As she shared her story and what wasn’t working, I could feel her energy constricting, as if she was getting smaller and smaller and smaller. At the same time, I saw money trying to get to her, but because she had shrunk so much, there was no more room for money.

So, I asked her to do something. “Notice your energy right now. Can you feel how constricted you feel? How small?”

“Yes,” she whispered.

“I want you to imagine that you allow your energy to expand. Allow your energy to expand into the room you are in. Allow it to expand out into your neighborhood. Now, out past the stratosphere and now out into the universe as far as it will expand.” I waited for a moment before asking, “Now, how do you feel?”

“Great!” she exclaimed.

When you expand your vision that much regarding what you want, you are able to open up to opportunities and money that are trying to reach you. In fact, the money doesn’t have to “try so hard” to get to you because you’ve expanded what’s possible. I know that might sound “out there,” but whenever I do it, or when I have a client do it, it seems to work.

I remember when I received the inspirational idea to start a membership community. I kept feeling a sense of urgency to do it, but I didn’t know how. So I took action and started to do some research on the technology that would easily house my community. I made the public announcement, created an event, and one hundred people showed up the evening of the launch. Almost 50 percent of them signed up on the spot to be part of the community. When I got clear on my vision, the money just flowed in, and I was able to help more people.

Here’s a SNEAK PEEK at Chapter 3!

Synchronistic Shift #1: The Quantum Shift

“The intellect has little to do on the road to discovery. There comes a leap in consciousness, call it Intuition or what you will, the solution comes to you, and you don’t know how or why.” ~ Albert Einstein ~

For a long time, I had a vision board that sat on a ledge in my office with a picture of the cover of the first edition of my book, Selling with Intention, on it. Under the picture was the word ‘bestseller.’

Yes, I had a deep desire to have Selling with Intention become a bestseller because I knew that would mean that the book had impacted a lot of people. No, I didn’t know if or how it could even happen.

However, by putting it on the vision board, there was a small part of me that held onto the belief that it was possible.

Over the months and years, I felt pretty hopeless because my little red copy of Selling with Intention was not moving very quickly toward becoming a bestseller. Or that’s what it felt like.

And then a shift happened — and it happened at light speed.

The Synchronistic Journey Begins When I was five years old, an angel appeared next to my bed at the top of my Sesame Street curtains. She looked like a doll-sized human with wings, perched on the top of my curtains, sort of like the angel that goes on top of the Christmas tree. I remember thinking that I was dreaming, or hoping that I was dreaming, and I closed my eyes. When I opened them again, the angel was still there. I told my mom about it the next day, and I was so convincing that she actually became worried about me and thought I might be hallucinating or something. If I hadn’t shared with her, I am sure I would have eventually believed that it never happened, that it was just a dream. But to this day, she still emphasizes how convinced I was, and I can still picture the angel so clearly. At the time, my parents were going through a divorce, and I believe the angel was sent to let me know that I was not alone. We are never alone and we are always being looked after. Since that day, angels have held a special place in my heart, and now I can feel their presence when something difficult is happening in my life, and especially when I am in the flow of synchronicity. Most faiths embrace angels. They are found throughout the Christian Bible as well as other religious traditions. According to a 2011 Associated Press-GfK poll, 77 percent of adults believe that angels are real. I grew up in a wonderful Lutheran church in Minnesota, and I remember staring with wonder at the angels on the stained glass windows in church. I believed in angels, and my desire was that they would appear to me like they did to others in the Bible. But after seeing that one as a child, I never saw angels again, yet I have often felt their presence when I have needed them the most.

So, why am I talking about angels in a book about selling? I am beginning there because my journey into the magical world of quantum physics began there. In my experience, synchronicity gets a lot of help from the quantum realm that is all around us, all of the time. This is the realm where the unseen universal laws are always at play — like gravity. We can’t see gravity, but we know it is operating, even when we are not conscious of it.

If you are reading this book, you probably already know about synchronicity and have experienced it at some level. You probably also know that it isn’t by coincidence that you are reading this book.

As I have grown my sales coaching and training business, I have witnessed the power of synchronicity over and over again in my own business as well as in my clients’. What I’ve noticed is that when my clients have complete clarity and faith in their mission and goals, miracles begin to happen. Synchronistic events unfold easily and without a lot of effort. Many of my clients have moved from working extra hard to a place of ease, grace, and flow.

My mission is to help entrepreneurs and sales professionals like you understand the power of quantum physics and step into the flow of synchronicity that will allow your business to flourish and grow with less stress and no forced effort, just inspired action. By doing that, you will be selling with synchronicity, and clients will just seem to show up out of thin air.

What I know is that when entrepreneurs and sales professionals experience prosperity, they share it with others, and the world experiences a giant domino effect. I dream of a world that holds prosperity for all — whatever that means for them.

You are an important part of my plan. Are you ready to take this journey with me?

A Quiet Life

I grew up on a small family farm in Minnesota. We farmed sixty acres that my grandparents had passed down to my dad. Later, my dad purchased another twenty acres down by the lake, where he lives with my stepmother to this day.

Growing up on the farm was hard work, and still I enjoyed the daily commitments and chores. Well, most of the time! There’s something special about a working farm. From the animals’ expectations of care in the morning to the solitude of walking the farm at night, it was a pretty magical experience. I was also lucky enough to have ponies that I trained and rode. Some of my fondest memories from my childhood include riding my ponies through wheat fields after they’d just been cut and cornfields right after harvest. Fall was my favorite time of year.

I grew up in the eighties, and it wasn’t the best time to be farming. During that time, many of the small family farms went by the wayside because they simply could no longer compete with the big corporate farmers. Today, the family farm seems to be experiencing a resurgence as we embrace the new era of organic farming and working more closely with the earth.

Because of their struggles, my parents, who hadn’t gone to college, told my older brothers and me that we would get a good education and good jobs. There was a part of me that realized I probably wouldn’t be farming, and my heart broke a little bit because I knew that I would miss that way of life. Yet, I am so grateful that my parents engrained that in me at such a young age.

Knowing that I was expected to continue my education, I did well in elementary school and high school, enjoying most aspects of school. As I began to think about what I’d like to do with my future, I considered becoming a veterinarian so I could stay close to the farm. Unfortunately, I came to realize pretty quickly that being a veterinarian would require me to handle seeing blood, and that wasn’t going to happen. I’m pretty squeamish! So I started investigating other jobs.

Since my parents had always told me I’d be a great lawyer, it was the first possibility I considered. I wasn’t really sure why they thought I would be good at it, but maybe it’s because I was good at arguing! It sounded like a noble profession, and I thought it would provide me with a stable future, so the thought started to grow.

After high school, I had the opportunity to attend St. Olaf College in Northfield, Minnesota. St. Olaf is a lovely liberal arts college, and I enjoyed my time there, learning and meeting life-long friends. Yet, when I finished college, I felt really lost, not knowing what was the next best step to take, even after taking every career test possible in St. Olaf’s career development center. My plan was still to go to law school. However, whenever I tried studying for the LSAT, I felt empty. A part of me knew that it wasn’t the right path, but I didn’t listen.

About that same time, I picked up a book called The Celestine Prophecy by James Redfield. The premise of the book is that an ancient manuscript is found that contains nine powerful insights about life. The book emphasizes making connections between events, using your intuition, and more, while following a fictional fast-paced story of what happens once this manuscript is discovered. Redfield’s thoughts on synchronicity still echo in my mind, “Mysterious coincidences cause the reconsideration of the inherent mystery that surrounds our individual lives on this planet.” After I read Redfield’s book, I started to recognize the coincidences that showed up, and I no longer took them for granted. I started to watch for signposts along my journey, yet I still felt pretty lost.

One night, I was eating dinner with two of my girlfriends. We were enjoying our meals and a couple of drinks when out of the blue, we decided to write down the top three places we would all want to move to if there were no obstacles.

We wrote in silence for a few minutes and then set our lists in the middle of the table. We all laughed out loud when we saw that Colorado was on all of our lists. California was also on my list, but I didn’t put too much thought into it. Staring at Colorado on all of our lists, I felt my heart soar. I didn’t want to move away from my family, but there was something inside me that said, “Go.” I knew that I had to move.

Was it just a coincidence that we all wrote Colorado on our napkins that night? Or, was synchronicity at play—outside forces helping us to get on our true paths?

A month later, my friend Jana and I packed our belongings in a truck and drove to Boulder, Colorado. We were lucky enough to be invited to live with Jana’s aunt and uncle in their beautiful home in the mountains of Boulder. They told us we could live there for a month or longer for free. Can you imagine? What a gift!

Jana and I had both been transferred from our jobs at Pier One Imports in Burnsville, Minnesota to our new jobs at the Pier One in Boulder, Colorado. We were making $6.25 per hour, which felt like a lot to me after working in cafés and doing odd jobs at small farms back in Minnesota.

Still focused on going to law school, I knew that if I was going to be able to afford it, I needed to get a job that paid more! Thinking back to the results of the career development tests I had taken — “you would be ‘good’ in sales and marketing” — I wondered if I might be able to get a job in outside sales that would then pay my way through law school. The light bulb went on, and I committed to get a job in outside sales.

In the moment I made the decision, something shifted inside of me, and I felt a strong energy surge through my tailbone. I didn’t understand it at the time, but when I look back, I believe that the decision allowed my vibration to shift, and I had complete faith that a job in outside sales was going to show up. A deep knowing and a new confidence about what was going to unfold washed over me.

A few weeks later, I was helping a woman through the checkout line at Pier One, and we started chatting. She told me that she worked for an international computer training and consulting company and asked about me. I told her I had just moved to Colorado and was headed to law school as soon as I could figure out how to pay for it. When I mentioned that I was looking for a job in outside sales to help, she said, “You know, we are hiring new sales people in our Denver office. You should interview.”

What? Did I hear her correctly? Yes, I had. I quickly grabbed a pen and a piece of paper, and wrote down all of the details. Within a few days, I interviewed and was hired immediately — the last sales person they hired during that time. Coincidence? I don’t think so.

The first eight months were painful! I was terrible at selling, and I dreaded going to work every day. I hated filling out the tic sheets of all of the calls that I’d made. I felt depressed because I had taken this journey with the idea that it would help me pay for law school, but I wasn’t passionate about selling or technology. Being honest with my feelings about the new job forced me to be really truthful with myself in regards to my plan, and I realized that law school probably wasn’t my dream either. I felt lost and dreamless.

At the time, I was selling into the government territory in Denver. Each day was a huge struggle, and I couldn’t seem to get any traction. I dreamed of doing something else, yet I couldn’t fathom what it would be.

There was a part of me that wanted to be an author “someday,” but that seemed so far from my reality that I would immediately dismiss it. Where did that idea even come from? I mean, I loved reading books, but who was I to write my own?

Growing up on the farm gave me strong values and a level of persistence that most of my peers didn’t have. Even though I dreaded picking up the phone and calling prospects, I did it anyway. I persevered. After all, throwing hay bales under a hot tin roof was hard work. Picking up the phone wasn’t hard, just uncomfortable. I was starting to accept that this sales job was really all about living outside of my comfort zone, and there was a part of me that believed there must be a better way — an easier way — to sell.

Since I had no idea what else I would do, I decided to make the best of the situation. I knew that if I did well in sales, I could make a lot of money, and money would at least give me options, whether or not I went to law school. I recommitted to my sales goals and started working hard every day. Within a few months I had grown my sales to a steady $40,000.00 per month. I thought it was okay, but felt like I still had a long ways to go. Over time, though, selling was starting to get easier.

My confidence was growing along with my commission checks. As my confidence grew, I began to approach my clients in a new way. Although we were required to make 100 phone calls every day before we could leave, I began to see how making fewer calls of higher quality (more time on the phone) was actually more effective.

I had read every sales book that I could get my hands on. They all taught structured ways of selling that just didn’t resonate with me. It seemed to me that someone had to lose (the client) so that I would win (and get the commission). That felt “off” to me. Inside I was screaming, There must be a better way! At that time, Wayne Dyer’s book, The Power of Intention, found its way into my life. Synchronicity was at work! I started to apply the idea of intention to the sales process, and things suddenly started to flow. My intention shifted from selling to serving and solving problems for my prospects. When I called them, they felt my positive intention. When I met with them, I knew they would become my client if I could solve their problem. Brian Tracy’s book, The Psychology of Selling, gave me extra insight into how people think and how to help them overcome their pain and problems. Little did I know that my first book, Selling with Intention, was being born, although I wouldn’t write it until quite a few years later.

Eight months into my new outside sales job, my manager asked to meet with me. He asked me how I thought I was doing. I said, “Okay,” thinking that I was in trouble.

“You did much better than we thought you were going to do, so much so that we were wondering if you would be interested in taking on a new territory in Colorado Springs? We just opened a new office down there, and we need someone to run it.”

After saying “no” a couple of times because I didn’t want to move, I finally said “yes” because I believed it was my next step. In some ways, I felt like I had outgrown that office, and I wanted to take the next step. I wanted to have the opportunity to grow something “on my own,” without anyone looking over my shoulder. My fierce independence and desire to “be the best” made me want to expand. My entrepreneurial spirit had been born.

Colorado Springs
For an entire year, I drove from Denver to Colorado Springs every day because I was too stubborn to move. Through snow and fog, over black ice, and through the woods, I drove myself down to an empty office, got on the phone, and made calls. Cold calls. I remember a lot of long, lonely, dark days when I first arrived.

If you’ve ever made cold calls, then you will understand the depths of my pain for the first six months! Since I was my own boss in the office at that time, it was up to me to set my own calling goals and to achieve those goals on a daily basis. My managers didn’t seem as interested in the number of calls I was making anymore. They knew I made the calls. Now they were more interested in my results and my profit and loss statements.

My results just kept getting better and better because I was selling with intention and using the power of synchronicity. Before I picked up the phone I set my intention to get the appointment. Before the appointment, I set my intention that I would close the sale. And so I did. In one year, we grew that office to a million dollars in annual revenue. Not bad for a farm girl from Minnesota.

At the end of that year, my manager met with me in my office and asked me how I thought I was doing. As usual, I thought I was in trouble. Turns out, I wasn’t. They wanted to offer me a promotion.

“You did so much better than we thought you were going to do. We have an opportunity for you to take on a failing branch in Southern California. Want to go?”

My initial reaction was “No!” I didn’t want to leave my friends in Colorado. Then I thought about it and saw what an incredible opportunity it really was. There was something about California that really pulled me. I flashed back to the time in Minnesota when my girlfriends and I all wrote Colorado on our napkins, and I had also written California. This really intrigued me. Without thinking about it too much more, I was on a flight with my boyfriend (now husband) Tim to California. Before I knew it, I was being introduced as the new branch manager.

There is something magical about California that makes me feel like I can breathe. Perhaps it is the peaceful mountains that I can see in nearly every direction or the expansiveness of the Pacific Ocean with a turn of my head to the West. Whatever it is, exhaling is easy. When I finally started to get settled in California, I wondered if I would ever leave.

So far, I haven’t.

Taking over a failing branch in Santa Ana, California wasn’t easy, but I took my intention with me. In fact, I set my intention to become the president of the company shortly after arriving. (I wrote about this more extensively in One Great Goal.) Over the course of three years, we grew that office from about $200,000 per month to over $3,000,000 with only five sales people. It was an amazing ride, and it was possible because we were practicing the principles of Selling with Intention, even though I didn’t know that yet.

When I look back, we were also deep into the 7 Inner Shifts. I just didn’t understand those yet either. We were clear on what we wanted. I was open to the idea that more powerful forces were at play. I knew how much money I wanted to show up (and it did!). I believed in myself. I surrounded myself with a strong team. I stepped up to be the leader of the company. And I kept the faith. Every day. And it worked.

When we hit $3,000,000 in one month, it was unheard of at that time. An average branch in a large market was selling about $300,000 per month. Why and how were we able to sell ten times that?

I believe it was through the power of intention and synchronicity.

Every time I set a new sales goal for the team, they rose to the occasion, and amazing events and synchronicities would unfold to allow that to happen. They met the right people. We created new classes. It just kept flowing.

To be continued….

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