Sales Coach: Live Mastermind & Training Program by Quantum Leap

There is no better time and no better year to make this your best year yet! Please note: This Mastermind and Training program is for serious sales people and entrepreneurs only. If you are not ready to make major changes in your sales and in your life this year, then this program might not be for you.  However, if you feel in your gut the slightest push toward this program and you want to double or triple your sales this year, then I recommend that you contact us immediately!

Sales Coach Now Quantum Leap is a live, ongoing sales training, mastermind and coaching program based on the 10 Principles of Selling with Intention and One Great Goal. Quantum Leap is designed to follow the 1, 3 or 4-Day Selling with Intention Intensive Course and deliver the ongoing training and support that Sales Professionals and Entrepreneurs need to significantly increase their sales. So many times seminar participants leave with good intentions to implement what they just learned, but if they don’t develop new habits then their educational investment has been wasted. Quantum Leap solves that problem and keeps participants on track with their sales stretch goals as they continue to implement what they have learned. The group sales coaching meetings ensure that new habits are developed and “in the moment” laser coaching is delivered.

Some clients join Quantum Leap to get FREE access to our training courses (Selling with Intention and One Great Goal)—in addition to the monthly MasterMind support.

The Details:

  • 3 Hour Live MasterMind once per month with no more than 10 participants!
  • Meeting Location: At the Beach! We will be meeting in the Dana Point area, literally across from the ocean.
  • New Groups are opening all of the time! Email us directly to learn more! or call 855.466.7373.

**Need a Virtual Option? We have one! Email us directly to learn more! or call 855.466.7373.**

Included in Quantum Leap:

  • Live, monthly MasterMind Meeting with a group of like-minded professionals
  • FREE access to take Selling with Intention and One Great Goal as many times as you’d like
  • FREE access to the Virtual MasterMind calls (held by conference call the 2nd and 3rd Wednesday of the month (Valued at $97/month)
  • FREE Sales Coach Now Membership (Valued at $27/month)
  • FREE Entrance to Extreme Networking events and the opportunity to talk about your business in a 30-Second Intro
  • VIP Ticket and Seating to Sales Coach Now – LIVE
  • FREE in-between email access to Ursula
  • And much more!

Benefits of Quantum Leap:

  • Accountability: If you need help staying on track, then the Mastermind will support you in that along with the benefits of participating in the two monthly Virtual MasterMind calls (which you get for FREE)
  • Get Unstuck: Do you ever feel stuck but aren’t sure why? You will receive laser coaching (from me) during the MasterMind meeting to get you unstuck and back on track
  • Community: Do you often feel like the Lone Ranger – doing everything on your own…alone? You will be surrounded by professionals who share your challenges and will support your journey.
  • Cheerleaders: Have you ever had something exciting happen in your business, only to feel like you didn’t have anyone to share it with? This group will WANT to hear about your successes! And will cheer you on.
  • Focus: If you aren’t clear on how many sales you need to reach your goals every month, you will be provided with the tools to ensure you are clear on your numbers and what you need to do to reach your sales goals!
  • Commitment: We are committed to helping YOU reach your goals!

Interested in learning more about our sales coaching program? Email us directly to learn more! or call 855.466.7373.

“If you want to grow your business FAST, you have to join this group! After just a few months of working with Ursula and this Mastermind, I am on target to multiply last year’s income by 4 while spending most of my time DOING WHAT I LOVE. Less time and stress, more enjoyment, and more money? I didn’t realize it was possible. Ursula, thank you for creating the space for business people to get connected to their Soul Purpose and quickly begin living abundantly inside of it.”  Amanda Johnson, True to Intention

As a member of Ursula’s Quantum Leap Coaching Program, I have nothing to say but, WOW! My sales increased over 400% within the first 60 days of hiring Ursula. Working with Ursula has not only produced growth in my business but as a individual. She is a remarkable coach with the extraordinary ability to help others dig deep, get laser focused clarity about what they want to achieve, and take action to accomplish the goals.  I highly recommend Ursula to anyone– from individuals to companies with sales teams–who are serious about taking their business to the next level and increasing sales.” Shameca Tankerson, Credit Savvy CEO


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