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Important News from Ursula: 1/01/16 - Hundreds of happy clients have attended Sales Camp over the past few years while significantly increasing their sales—some even doubling or tripling—in a short amount of time. At the same time, the clients in our Private Synchronize Coaching program have also enjoyed double and triple digit increases in their sales results and our desire is to help even more people in 2016! Business Owners and Sales Professionals are eager to gather in smaller groups right now and that is what Sales Camp and Synchronize offers our clients—the opportunity to get the attention they need and deserve. Please fill out the application below so we can determine the best way to support YOU!


Gretch.Synch.VIP2016 is HERE…are you ready?

We just designed a brand new high-end private coaching program for those entrepreneurs and sales professionals who are ready to go to the next level fast!

If you have been thinking about working with me then this is your opportunity.


How do you know if you are ready for private coaching with Ursula?11986457_10153535139775396_1398162929350454848_n

  • You are tired of mediocre sales results
  • You are coachable
  • You have BIG sales goals for 2016
  • You are ready to do whatever it takes

I’ve helped my clients double and triple their sales in as little as 45 days.

Isn’t it your turn to have an incredible year?

11796253_10153447499655396807662226_nHere is what you will receive:

  • A powerful sales plan that you can implement immediately
  • A sales tracking systems that I used to build million dollar lines of revenue
  • Clear 2016 projections that include your sales stretch goal
  • Targeted coaching to keep you “unstuck” and in the flow
  • NLP based belief change processes to make selling easy once and for all!

“Before working with Ursula, I was struggling with making enough sales to meet my monthly obligations.  After working with Ursula just 30 minutes, she helped shift my mindset from one of surviving to one of thriving, and provided me with sales strategies that catapulted me forward!   The result?  I made a single $4,600 sale the very next day with great ease, and secured a second 5-figure commitment from another client.  Ursula’s strategies work!”  Patti Cotton, MA, MAOD, PCC, Executive Coach and Consultant11221337_1015345416720858779558_n

Take action! We have limited coaching spots available each quarter.

Simply complete and submit the form below to take the next step in the process.


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