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Sales Training and Coaching for Sales Teams

Sales Coach Now delivers a unique approach to sales training and coaching designed for sales teams.  Sales teams can significantly increase their sales when they receive both training and ongoing sales coaching.  Sales Coach Now’s program for sales teams begins with intense training on the 10 Principles of Selling with Intention and then moves into a 6 or 12 month ongoing sales coaching program.


There are many benefits that sales professionals receive by participating in sales training and coaching programs. Some are measurable (increased sales) while other benefits might be more subjective but lead to better performance and greater retention (improved leadership and communication skills).

“I set 10 appointments in just 30 minutes of calling!”
Bill Martinez, Urban Living Magazine

According to an Executive Briefing by Merrill Anderson of MetrixGlobal, “Coaching produced a 529% return on Investment and significant intangible benefits to the business. Including the financial benefits from employee retention, boosted the overall ROI to 788%.”

Benefits of Sales Training and Coaching

  • Increased Sales
  • Motivation is taken to an entirely new level
  • Peer Coaching is cultivated and experienced which also enhances leadership skills
  • Clear action plans are created and implemented
  • Overall team performance moves to the next level in a coaching environment that includes trust and respect
  • Ongoing accountability and support
  • Increased retention amongst sales staff
  • Sales goals are aligned with personal goals and values
  • Accountability measures are put in place through Work in Progress documentation
  • Assignments and exercises are provided to “stretch” sales professionals to the next level
  • In the moment, laser coaching, helps sales professionals change their mindset so they can see what is truly possible—and take steps to get there

“My first one-on-one coaching session with Ursula was two weeks ago, and I took her March 3-Day Intensive this week. I had 7 units sold for the month at that point. She encouraged me to write a new unit goal down and post it everywhere I could see it. Although I thought 15 was a stretch, that is the exact number I ended up selling for March!” Justin Bumpus, Paychex, Inc.

The Selling with Intention Intensive course was designed to help busy sales professionals receive the information they need to move to the next level, AND leave with a 90-day plan for success.  This course can be customized as a 1, 3 or even 4 day course.

The intensive program begins with training on the Principles of Selling with Intention.  Participants will discover how their beliefs have been getting in the way of their success, how to successfully connect with their clients, get the appointment, ask for the sale and more!  The afternoon of the last day is focused completely on making (live) telephone calls to top prospects with the intention of getting an appointment and leave class having experienced success with their sales scripts.  Sales Professionals then receive laser coaching “in the moment” if they need to change or enhance their sales script.  This experience takes learning to an entirely new level!

Topics Covered:

  • How to Sell with Intention and choose the result ahead of time—from setting appointments with key prospects to closing the sale.
  • A goal clarification process that will give your sales team more clarity regarding their sales stretch goals and how to reach them.
  • Why psychology matters and how it impacts every prospect that your sales team touches.
  • How to easily identify Target Clients and stop working with clients that are not a good fit.
  • Why an Ideal Schedule significantly impacts sales success and how to build one that that keeps even the most scattered Sales Professional on track.
  • The main strategy that a Sales Professional must implement to reach their sales stretch goal.
  • How to Connect with Intention and quickly build rapport with new prospects.
  • How to easily Get the Appointment with top prospects.
  • Why the 80/20 rule really matters and how to implement it.
  • How to ask for the business and close the sale.
  • “In the Moment” Laser Coaching throughout the course to assist with any “difficult areas”.

Sales Coaching: Quantum Leap for Sales Teams

Attending a one day training event is an excellent way to learn new skills and techniques to grow sales, but what happens when sales professionals get back to the day to day distractions? Unfortunately, they lose much of their momentum and go back to old skills and habits.  At Sales Coach Now, we recommend a minimum of 6 months of group coaching to help the sales professionals implement what they have learned and have the accountability in place to reach their next level in sales.  Our sales team coaching programs are designed for maximum retention and achievement and have been developed around our unique five step approach, A-GAIN, to Sales Goal Achievement.

Sales Coach Now’s unique Five Step Approach to Sales Goal Achievement:

  • Assessment: What is the Sales Team’s lack of performance costing the organization?
  • Gap Analysis and Goal Setting: Helping sales professionals break through their limiting beliefs and behaviors to reach their stretch goals.
  • Accountability: Taking the steps necessary to achieve the desired result and having accountability and support measures in place along the way.
  • Intentional and Inspired Action: Taking action from a belief that more sales are coming vs a scarcity mindset.
  • Never Give Up! No matter what happens, sales professionals and sales managers have to be willing to keep going and stay focused on the organizations overall sales goals.  


“We set the context day one and I achieved it as a result—Clarity! I loved the visualizations! This was a very worthwhile course. The value I received exceeded the cost 10 fold. Give yourself (or your team) a gift you deserve—and attend this intensive!”                                                                                                                                      Dave Brodie, Attorney

The Next Step

Sales Training and coaching programs can be customized to meet any budget.  Please contact us today so we can set up a time to discuss the specific needs of your sales team: or 855.466.7373.

“The Selling With Intention Intensive provides you with the confidence, the pitch and the follow-up techniques to get the sale closed. Any person looking to grow their customer base should spend 3 days with Ursula… you won’t regret it!” Christine Dela Cruz, Acorn Technologies


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