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To Join in the Extreme Networking Fun,
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Sales Coach Live Now Live 2013 Event

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Find out what all of the “buzz” is about!

Please join us for our next Extreme Networking Event! You will not want to miss this exciting event if you are ready to meet new strategic partners and prospects.

Bring lots of business cards and get ready to meet new people through an effective facilitated networking exercise that Ursula leads you through.

Plus, Ursula will give you tips on how to increase your sales NOW!

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Here’s what people are saying about Extreme Networking:

“It was a very nice environment where people are here to share what they do. I appreciated the introduction Ursula gave me. Thanks to her introduction I had the opportunity to meet very nice people tonight.” Addie Burke

“I met fascinating, passionate, motivated people who like entrepreneurial problem-solving. This is exactly the environment and associates I need to be immersed in! Thanks Sales Coach Now for making this possible.” Allison Taylor

“Connecting with individuals who expressed genuine interest in what I do, not simply pushing their product or service. There was wonUrsula Mentjes, Extreme Networkingderful energy amongst the group, and it seemed everyone was having fun!” Nicole Kinney

“Tuned, targeted networking that allows you to meet multiple people in a short period of time.” Kammy Haynes

“Once I thought about the problem I solve for people, I was able to articulate what I do and capture interest. I learned how to set myself apart. The feedback was phenomenal!” Monica Rios

“I liked the “fast paced” networking. I met many people in many interesting types of businesses!” Justin Parker, KFROG

“I found people who know people and connected in unexpected ways! I really appreciated the collective problem solving and brain power in this crowd – they’re so focused on solutions and synergy, I feel that I can’t help but succeed!”Allison Taylor, Threads of Fancy, Inc

“The energy in the room was amazing! These are the kind of people you want to surround yourself with!” Barbara Heublein, Heublien & Associates

“I liked the Extreme Networking the best! Great directions and guidance for networking. I think I met everyone!”Margaret Hernandez, ANROMA Consulting

“Had a fantastic time! Made some great contacts and I can’t wait to do it again! I am also looking forward to bringing others!” Ed Wilson, SendOut Cards

“I made 6 appointments to see how I can either help them with my business or become a strategic business partner!”Pam Donaldson, Leigh’s Leisure Travel

“This was the best networking event I have attended in a long, long time! The engery, combined with the directions that Ursula gave was incredible!” Marcy Decato, Creative Solutions Marketing

“By being clear on who I serve, I received a specific lead for someone that is an IDEAL TARGEET PROSPECT! I also liked having a specific assignment to meet people I did not know!” Janise Graham, Insurance and Life Insurance

“I really enjoyed the networking and the opportunity to promote my business as a guest!” Sally Alvarado, Lighthouse Learning Resource Center

“This is GREAT! I think once a month is a great idea!” Veronica Forest, Servwell Insurance Services & HRAssist.com

“I made some great contacts!” Jennifer Kossler, JK Designs

“It was a great experience! I met many great people and made GREAT connections!” La’Vonne Shields, Management Consultants of America

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