60 Day Sales Success


60 Day Sales Success


How the Principles of  “Selling with Intention” have made me hundreds of thousands of dollars and helped my clients double and triple their  revenue—in as little as 60 days.

The Principles also helped me become a #1 Amazon Bestselling Author!

Dear Entrepreneur or Sales Professional:

When it comes to growing your sales, it is easy to allow fear, limiting beliefs, procrastination, and time management to stop you from achieving your sales goals. In my experience as a Top Executive, Sales Manager and Sales Coach, these are the main areas I see people struggle on a regular basis.

Can you relate?

I know what it feels like to let those things stop you. When I first started out in sales in 1996, I was paralyzed by fear and limiting beliefs.  Although I overcame those things and later grew multi-million dollar businesses for someone else, I had the same fears return when I started my own business in 2004.  Again, using Neuro-Linguistic Programming and other tools in my toolbox, I was able to overcome the fears and significantly increase the sales in my own business year after year.

I want to change that for you so you don’t have to go through what I did. I have helped my clients double and triple their sales in as little as 60 days. With the right strategies and implementation, it is possible.

When you learn (and implement) the strategies within Selling with Intention, you will be equipped with the tools you need to change how you sell and the results you get.

Today I enjoy ease and grace in my business and my favorite mantra is, Money flows to me easily and effortlessly every day because it does!  My passion is helping Entrepreneurs and Sales Professionals significantly increase their sales so they can live the life they have always dreamed of!

Now, having applied the strategies and principles over and over again, I can even say that I am a #1 Amazon Bestselling Author!

In this *brand new* VIRTUAL program, I will help you design a 60 Day Sales Success Plan customized for your sales goals! My intention will be to help you create the ease and grace in your sales results so that you can enjoy a powerful 2013!

Decide, right now, to take this exciting next step and grow your sales!

“Wanting to grow your sales is not enough! You have to implement!”

 Introducing the 60 Day Sales Success Intensive!

Where will you be 60 days from now if you continue on the path you are on?

Where could you be in 60 days if you had a clear, strategic plan to get you there?

I promise you this training will be different from any virtual training you have ever done before because you will be implementing along the way.

You will be given intentional assignments every week to ensure you “get it” for accountability purposes. That way you can stay on track with your sales goals!

 “Now is the time to make THIS quarter your best yet!”

 Class #1: Plan Your Quantum Sales Leap

What you will learn:

In Class #1 I will help you develop your annual, monthly and daily “quantum sales goals”.  We will work backward from the end result and break your goals down into simple steps.

I will also help you develop a powerful intentional mindset and explain what you need to do to take a Quantum Leap in your sales in the next 60 days.

What you will implement:

  • Your Work in Progress Report
  • Your powerful “intentional mindset”
  • Your Quantum Sales Strategy


“Decide to make the leap! Now!”

Class #2: Develop Your Sales Script

 What you will learn:

In Class #2  you will learn how to get the appointment and close the sale by developing a powerful script.

Plus, you will discover the importance of intention in every sales conversation you have.  Finally, you will tweak your sales script so that you can begin making calls immediately.

What you will implement:

  • Your Sales Script
  • Intentional Sales Conversations
  • Your Call Strategy



“Selling with Intention means you choose the result ahead of time!”


Class #3: Implement the 80/20 Rule

What you will learn:

In Class #3  you will get laser focused on your top 25 clients by being clear on who they are and who they are not so you can stop wasting your time with those who aren’t a good fit.

You will move from “selling” to easily and effortlessly solving your client’s problems by having a meaningful “money conversation”.  You will also create and implement an Intentional Schedule that helps you stay focused on your daily, weekly and annual sales goals.

What you will implement:

  • Your Top 25 Client Target List
  • The Intentional “Money Conversation”
  • Your Intentional Schedule


“Recognize that 20% of your clients are giving you 80% of your business!”


Class #4: Build Your Sales Empire

What you will learn:

In Class #4  you will learn how to implement an effective follow-up system and have your clients buying from you for years to come. Plus, you will discover the power of “connecting with intention” so you can easily build rapport and solve your client’s problems.

Finally, I will share the power of developing key strategic partnerships to give your business a major boost through collaboration.

What you will implement:

  • Your Follow-Up System
  • Rapport Building Strategies
  • Your Strategic Partner Plan


“According to MaryKay Ash, people who follow up are the most successful!”

Today I charge $5,000 to work with me privately for a day.  In this virtual course, you will be receiving powerful training as if I am working with you personally—for a fraction of the cost!

Stop the fear. Stop the procrastination. Start Selling!

Get the sales you want now!


What You Will Receive:

4 VIRTUAL CLASSES. Calls will be 90 minutes each, and they will include previous laser coaching sessions at the end of each one.

  1. Q&A AND PREVIOUS LASER COACHING at the end of each class so you can hear participant’s breakthroughs!
  2. WORK IN PROGRESS REPORT to measure your success and help you stay on track. You will want to continue to use this powerful tool in the future!
  3. DOWNLOADABLE SELLING WITH INTENTION WORKBOOK to help keep you accountable and implementing along the way.
  4. 60 DAY SALES SUCCESS PLAN to help you plan your quantum sales leap!

Bonus Items for Fast Action!

 Register Today and Receive These Amazing Gifts:

Guided Money Meditation & Visualization

Guided One Great Goal Visualization

 100% Money Back Guarantee 


Buy Now – $98

Total Value of $487!

I am really looking forward to helping you achieve your sales goals!  You really can make this your best quarter yet!

“See you” on the call!

To your Sales Success,

Ursula C. Mentjes


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